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About John

The Voice of Solid Gold

Singer John Rinell is a native of Hoboken, NJ and has been musically gifted since early childhood. While growing up in the same neighborhood as Frank Sinatra, John taught himself to play the harmonica, the xylophone and the Honer melodica by ear. 

In early grade school he took lessons on clarinet and shortly thereafter advanced to the tenor saxophone taking lessons at the Star Music Studios. Showing great promise in music John began piano lessons in Journal Square & Johnís first public performance was appearing in a piano recital in 1965 at the age of 11.

By 1968 John added the guitar to his collection of instruments & his first guitar teachers were Charles Motolla & Mike Donavon. After learning his first a few guitar chords John was soon performing at folk festivals and coffeehouses in Hoboken and Jersey City. Often his brother Robert joined in as well as his school friend Gary. During his High Schools years John was singing and playing almost daily performing with Robert and Gary at several school events and assemblies. Interestingly, while in the 11th grade John built a harpsichord by hand in wood shop class.

By 1970 John had his first big break and was discovered by a New York producer. In the Big Apple, just across the Hudson River John had his first experience in a recording studio. It was an exciting time for young John Rinell and the recordings received critical acclaim and significant airplay on FM radio. 

In 1972 John Rinell attended Jersey City University where he majored in music receiving a scholarship as an oboist. John received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. 

By 1981, John, always a very busy musician was working an "eleven days a week" as a High School Music Teacher five days a week and performing six nights a week with Lou Caddy and the Panics. John then decided to perform as a solo and he pioneered a unique "one-man-band" act that astonished audiences and agents alike. 

Still working 40 hours a week at his day job, he also worked nights, offering superb entertainment at the hottest nightspots. Word quickly spread about this solo performer with the big sound and the great voice & John became a full-time musician, booked solid for months in advance. There were thousands of gigs & with many happy customers with John maintaining the highest levels of showmanship, always with the latest technology equipment available. 

John became a headliner all across the NY/LI area including the house account at the luxurious Gurneyís Inn located in Montauk Point. John made many friends along the way including the then Mayor of New York City, the Honorable Rudolph W. Gulianni. A career highlight, John also performed several concerts at the fabulous Westbury Music Fair as a solid opener for national headline acts. 

Performing with great success in front of the large discerning New York audiences, John was inspired to expand his career to a higher level. A frequent comment by enthused audiences was his remarkable ability to sing like their favorite singers most notably Frank Sinatra. 

Frank Sinatra is one of John's biggest idols. Being from Hoboken, the Sinatra legacy was as common in the Rinell household as pasta on Sunday afternoon. Growing up in the same city & walking the same streets as his hero, John has always had a natural feeling for Sinatra's music, as well as a love for it, and a great pride in their common hometown. 

Sinatraís songbook is a common staple at all of Johnís performances & John has crafted his voice with a keen ability to sound just like the COTB. Inspired by an overwhelming demand from his audience, John produced the highly acclaimed Sinatra tribute show. The show has been a smash hit.

Johnís life and career was brought full circle when he was asked to be a guest star at the magnificent Frank Sinatra Museum in Hoboken, NJ for the opening day celebration in 2001. The opening day celebration was an enchanting program that had John wowing the crowd. Claimed the "Voice of Solid Gold" John is proud to carry on the Hoboken tradition while maintaining a legacy of excellent entertainment.

After great success growing up in Hoboken and then as a highly acclaimed performer in New York, John and his family relocated to Florida's Sun Coast. Now a proud Floridian, Johnís career is hotter than ever. 

Sharing his talents with a new audience has been a very rewarding experience and John has received excellent reviews.

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